Dudley No.1 Canal

Leaving Windmill End, the canal passes through the opened-out Brewins Tunnel, then past Blackbrook Junction, where the now closed "Two Lock Line" once cut a large loop out of the journey (another victim to mining subsidence), to reach Park Head Junction and the Park Head lock flight. The junction is actually above the bottom lock of the flight - Blowers Green Lock. The rest of the flight, leading up to the Dudley Tunnel, can be seen in the background. We are now on the Dudley No.1 Canal. The old Pump House, on the right, is now used by the Dudley Canal Trust. Blowers Green Lock is the deepest on the BCN.

Another view of Blowers Green before the boat dropped out of sight.

After passing through the redeveloped area of the former Round Oak Steelworks, now site of the Merry Hill Shopping complex where the remains of the now closed monorail internal transport system could be seen (The canal is also flanked by a new, up-market shopping area) the top of the Delph Locks was soon rached. The locks are characterised by the wide overflow weirs - seen on the left.

The flight is still known as the nine locks - when built there were nine locks on a different alignment - see below - but the middle seven locks were rebuilt as 6 in 1858 - only the top and bottom locks remain on the original line. Water Admiral descends the flight.

In this view, the line of the pre-1858 flight can be seen ascending to the right. The canal turns slightly towards the bottom lock. Having descended this, we moored for a well earned pint in ........

........ "The Bell".

Gerry Cork - October 2001
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