Dudley No.2 Canal - Windmill End

Windmill End Junction at the south end of Netherton Tunnel is dominated by Cobb's engine house, a derelict mine pumping house. The original line of the Dudley No.2 Canal passed at 90 to the present line where the two bridges are - the straight line of the current canal dates from the construction of the Tunnel in 1858 - the last major canal tunnel to be built. To the right is the mainline of the No.2 Canal which originally passed right through to the Worcester & Birmingham Canal via the infamous Lapal Tunnel (closed in 1917 due to subsidence) but now terminates at Hawne End.

The entrance to the Bushboil Arm, the original line of the canal, is through this iron bridge - several od this design of bridge, cast at the Toll End Works can be seen around the area and on the Birmingham New Main Line. The Bushboil Arm was originally linked to what is now the Bumblehole Arm; this joins the line of the present canal about half a mile south.

The view northwards towards the Netherton Tunnel with Water Admiral making the turn into the Hawne End Branch.

For the camera the boat was reversed under the bridge into the Bushboil Arm. The lettering on the bridge is the maker's name - Toll End Works.

Another north facing view with the derelict engine house on the hill above the canal. Then tunnel entrance is a few hundred yards the other side of the bridge. A railway line also crossed the canal at this point.

Gerry Cork - October 2001
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