Dudley No.2 Canal - Hawne Basin and Gosty Hill

Burton Bridge is the entrance to Hawne Basin, now the limit of navigation on the Dudley No.2 Canal. There are many boats moored in and around the basin but all are usually moored well clear of the winding hole opposite the bridge where we turned.

Hawne Basin with several former working narrow boats moored.

Gosty Hill Tunnel is surrounded at the southern end by the former Bristish Steel Works. Local signage also has the area spelt as Gorsty Hill, including some of BWB's own.

A closer view of the tunnel mouth - the tunnel is low for much of its length, and narrow.

Approaching Windmill End again after the trip to Hawne End and back - we passed what is assumed to have been somesort of gauging island - as well as making a nice mooring.

We moored up at the Windmill End visitor centre where we were able to take water and view the displays explaining the history of the area. Mr Cobb's engine house features yet again.

Gerry Cork - October 2001
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