The Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal

Entering the Staffs and Worcs Canal at Stourton Junction off the Stourbridge Canal.

Greensforge Lock is very picturesque with the Navigation public house adjacent to it. THere are BWB facilities - water and rubbish disposal here too.

This former working boat was moored at the top of the lock.

The staircase locks at Botterham always look neat and tidy - even if for the beginner they are a little forboding!

Botterham again with a boat leaving the bottom lock.

There were no boats descending the locks after this one entered and we were able to follow straight behind.

A misty early morning at Compton on our last day.

We entered the stop lock at Autherley to give the boat back - but then there's always next year.

Gerry Cork - March 2002