The Eastbourne Tramway - 1969

Cars 2 (the red one) and 6 at the mid way passing loop - notice how close the cars are to each other - not likely to be allowed by the HSE these days,

Car 2 outside the depot.

Car 6 approaches the Princes Park terminus.

Car 7 taking the sharp curve out of the passing loop, heading towards Princes Park.

The final car built for the Eastbourne line was No.12 which was originally described as the "winter saloon" - not that they usually ran trams in winter. This tram was a modern looking single decker, painted green and cream. It is seen here outside the depot and workshops.

Check the Seaton pages - link below - to find out what happened to No.12. It doesn't look like this now!

All these trams, plus the boat car, No.4, transferred to the line at Seaton, Devon, then being established.

Gerry Cork 15 July 2002