The Parry People Mover in Brighton
July 1994

The Parry People Mover is a mini-tram system powered using "flywheel" technology. The concept has been around for sometime but so far no system using these small vehicles has actually been installed anywhere in the UK.

The system was, however, demonstrated in New Road Brighton when a short (about 200 yards) section of 2 foot gauge track was laid in the street and the "trams" shuttled to and fro for about 4 days carrying passengers.

Power was taken from a nearby public house - reputedly on a 13amp socket!! This story may however be apocryphal. Power is transferred to the flywheel using a conductor shoe on the tram and a very short length of third rail at one of the loading points.

Here are a few photos:-

A traditionally styled car performed most of the work - here it passes in front of the Theatre Royal .......

....... and a little further east, with the charging point in the background.

A modern style of car stood spare.

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