Swiss Trolleybuses - Bern

(All photos taken in March/April 2004)

Trolleybuses - well, trams and buses as well, are red in Bern. Perhaps if London Transport had reinvested instead of scrapping their system, this is what they would now be operating!!?? Anyway, here's No.58 on the 12 a short walk from the main station. Well this is Switzerland you know.

62 is a similar vehicle although the from roof moulding is different. The old buildings in the centre of Bern make pleasant back drops to the photos.

Same location, No.65 loads up before continuing its journey.

Nearside shot of 65.

Similar bus, 63, on the 11, pulls away from the stop outside the main station entrance. This one has been fitted with dot matrix destination equipment.

Older bus, 60, waits at the terminal point of the 11 outside the main station.

Two shots of one of the latest low floor trolleybuses in Bern. Service 20 terminates outside the station.

Multiple doors don't seem to be a problem although how this affects revenue, I don't know as the driver is not involved in checking tickets or taking fares. Passengers enter or leave the bus by any door.

53 still carried the old olive green and cream livery. Buses fitted with conventional blinds have them colour coded for each route.

Gerry Cork - April 2004
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