Swiss Trolleybuses - Biel/Bienne

(All photos taken in March/April 2004)

In Biel (Bienne if you are French-speaking) we again found only two routes in operation. Older vehicles were these Volvo articulated trolleybuses in this smart application of red and cream. 65 is seen outside the station.

Similar bus, 71, negotiates a roundabout as it approaches that station.

The 4 was being run using newer vehicles in this rather striking red and turquoise livery as modelled by No.84. Anonimity was again the order of the day as far as chassis and body builders were concerned.

I really must do some more googling to try and find out more details of Switzerland's trolleybuses - have I mentioned this problem before by any chance?!

Gerry Cork - April 2004
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