Swiss Trolleybuses - La Chaux de Fonds

(All photos taken in April 2004)

At La Chaux de Fonds we found 2 routes in operation. All the bus routes served the main railway station and a small bus station is located in the station approach. Route 2 was host to these NAW/Hess rigid buses (with Seimens equipment - I read this on a plate in the bus!). Here 111 departs towards Combe a l'Ours where the depot is located - see below.

The older fleet is represented here by 108 as it heads out towards La Charriere. We only saw the one of this type of bus.

By contrast, route 4 had these smart Hess artics. 125 turns into the station approach on its way to Breguert-Eplatures which is served by way of a long uni-directional loop.

125 again, seen later in the day.

At the depot we found this Volvo B10M - obviously a motorbus, but equiped with trolley poles for de-icing the overhead.

Back at the statio again, 112, another of the NAW/Hess buses leaves on route 2.

Gerry Cork - April 2004
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