Swiss Trolleybuses - Fribourg

(All photos taken in March/April 2004)

If you only have a few minutes changing trains at Fribourg, at least you can watch some trolleybuses from the station platform - one of the routes passes right under the platforms. An unidentified trolleybus passes through the junction. Livery is the latest carried by much of the public transport in the local Canton.

One of Fribourg's vehicles carries the Metro boutique over all advert livery which we also encountered in Neuchatel and Lausanne.

510 approaches the city centre stops on service 1.

512 takes the turn under the station. Switzerland's trolleybuses are not required to carry registration plates but in Fribourg they all do as they have diesel engines fitted to enable them to travel away from overhead equipped routes.

The extremely tight clearence of the bridge under the station is evident in this view of 503 emerging on service 2.

Latest additions to the fleet are some Hess low floor trolleybuses/duobuses like 520.

Gerry Cork - April 2004
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