Swiss Trolleybuses - Geneve (Geneva)

(All photos taken in March/April 2004)

If you arrive in Geneva by plane almost certainly the first thing you will see when you leave the airport is a trolleybus. Route 10 serves the airport and will take you into the city if you've a mind to travel by this mode - the temptation was too great, we dumped our cases in the left luggage lockers and went for a trolleybus ride - having had lunch first of course! Here articulated trolleybus 642 stands under the canopy of the airport railway station. Most of the older trolleys carry this orange and grey livery.

Once in the city there was much to see and photograph, including 647 on driver training duties.

662 is a similar 'bus but has a divided destination display with the route number in a separate box in the centre.

631, seen here on route 3 carries a modifed application of the orange livery.

An unidentified trolley crosses the bridge over the River Rhone in the city centre.

Route 6 has recently been extended to Geneve-Plage and seemed to be operated with these more modern type of vehicle.

Similar 684 crosses the River Rhone with that water spout, which we understand doesn't always operate, in the background. Well, we had to do some of the touristy things, didn't we?

Back at the airport, 658 approaches the terminus of route 10.

660 stands at the terminus ready to return to the City and Onex-Ciye.

The latest livery is this rather attractive application of blue in two shades on the front as worn by 708 on the 2.

709, of the same batch was taken out of service and sent back to Hess, the bodybuilders to have an additional section inserted to make it into a double articulated bus. The middle section has a fixed axle but the rear axle is a steering unit to aid manouevring around corners.

721 again, under the canopy at the Airport terminus. 721 seems to be confined to route 10. A batch of 10 similar vehicles is understood to be under consideration.

Picture taken from inside the rear section clearly showing the effect of the double articulation. (Photo by Richard Cossey)

Final picture of Geneva taken just before our flight back to Blighty - 704 at, yes you've guessed it, the Airport terminus of route 10.

Gerry Cork - April 2004
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