Swiss Trolleybuses - Lausanne

(All photos taken in April 2004)

Lausanne 736 outside the Bahnhof - towing a trailer. Lausanne is one of two systems still using trailers - Luzern is the other.

New vehicles at that time were these smart Neoplan articulated duobuses. The rear wheel is in an interesting position - right at the back corner of the bus.

The Blecherette terminus of route 1 with a new Neoplan about to depart and trailer hauling older bus just arrived.

750 at Blecherette.

744 is in a special livery for an employment agency's tenth anniversary. It is towing a trailer which is in white fleet livery.

Trolleybuses passing on the viaduct in the centre of the city. The single rigid bus is on service 4, the only one not operated with trailers or artics as far as we could tell.

730 and trailer.

Metro Boutique have another advert trolleybus, in Lausanne, again towing a white trailer.

This one carries an ad livery for the local TV station, Television de la region lausnnoise.

Neoplan 824 at the Bahnhof terminus of the 3.

783 and trailer leaving a stop under an interesting section of special work which allows the buses on one route to overtake two other routes waiting at the stop.

The same section of overhead lookng in the opposite direction. No improvement in the weather then!

Another Neoplan, 808, on service 9 to Lutry.

In 2005 following fires on two of these new vehicles (818/825) the entire batch was withdrawn from service. In 2006, the surviving 26 trolleybuses were returned to Neoplan in exchange for 22 new diesel artics which should arrive in 2007. Lausanne also plan to buy 13 new artic trolleys and 10 new trailers. (Buses Magazine, May 2006) In the interim, several redundant buses from Geneva have been borrowed (and then subsequently purchased) along with at least one Volvo/Van Hool trolleybus from the Montreux-Vevey system.

Gerry Cork - April 2004
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