Swiss Trolleybuses - Luzern (Lucerne)

(Photos taken in April 2003 and 2006)

The hub of Luzern's trolleybus system is outside the main railway station where a bus station has been built on the site of the old station which was destroyed by fire in 1972. The only part of the old buildings that remains is this ornamental archway. Trolleybus 257 passes the arch as it leaves the bus station still showing "Bahnhof" as its destination. Perhaps it was running out of service.

Similar vehicle 258 leaves on route 4 with the modern station as a backdrop.

Trolleybus 175 is an older Volvo articulated vehicle - see leaving its stand on the main road on service 2. Note the classic American car in the background!

The trolleybuses share the bus station with their diesel collegues and here 269 departs on the 7 while Mercedes 555 on route 18 drops off its passengers.

Finally a couple of shots taken at the Würzenbach terminus of lines 6 and 8. Here's 189 on the 8 about to set off for the City and Hirtenhof .........

........ and 190 on the 6 which we caught back into the City. However we hopped off again when we passed 277 on its way out to get a ride in the only trailer we saw in service that afternoon (well it was Sunday).

Some of Luzern's trolleybuses tow trailers and whilst other cities are abandoning this practice, Luzern has recently updated its trailer fleet. Here 277 pulls into a stop with trailer in tow.

264 approaches a roundabout before crossing over the main railway lines on ts way to Biregghof.

© Gerry Cork - October 2003
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