Swiss Trolleybuses - Neuchatel

(All photos taken in March/April 2004)

In Neuchatel we encountered rather dismal weather and it rained fairly steadily all the time we were there. Fortunately, digital cameras seem to be able to take this into account and some interesting photos resulted. We made our way from the station on service 7 to Place Pury where there is a fequent service of trolleybuses on three routes, the 1, 7 and 8. We saw two types of bus. The more modern were these Hess? (I'm guessing!) bodied artics. An older FBW stands in the background.

Identical vehicle 108 arrives at the terminus on the 7.

Here's an offside shot of 117 arriving along a pedestrianised street.

Similar bus 118 carries a Metro Boutique advert. With there being several routes crossing each other there was plenty of interesting special work.

Rear view of the same bus.

156 is an older FBW and it still carried the old orange livery which was general all over Switzerland at one time. I quite like it but was told firmly that I shouldn't!

160 in irange and 155 of the same batch pass each other on the 1. The style of overhead in Neuchatel is different to other Swiss systems I think.

Another of the FBWs - this one was out of service using overhead that was not used by normal service buses.

FBW number 171 descends to Place Pury on the 1. The rain didn't let up at all.

Rear view with 171 - felt a bit like Robert Jowitt when I looked at this one.

172, another of the FBWs, carries this brighter version of the yellow and white livery.

Talking of overhead, here's a view of some of the special work at Place Pury.

Finally another shot of orange liveried 156 outside the station. On the other side of the station there is a partially dismantled terminal loop previously used by route 6.

Gerry Cork - April 2004
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