Swiss Trolleybuses - Schaffhausen

(All photos taken in April 2003)

Shaffhausen, in the NE of Switzerland. not far from the Geerman border is the smallest system in the country having but one route, appropriately numbered 1. All the buses carry a route diagram. The two termini form large oneway loops around housing estates. The wires to the depot leave the main route at Ebnat. There are short turn loops to either side of the station.

Trolleybus 112 approaches the station - again there is an interchange outside the station although there is not a purpose built bus station in this case. Buses stop in the street. A ten-minute frequency is operated.

115 waits for departure time - there is an enforced layover of about 5 minutes here. The odd angle of the bus is a result of the "kneeling" action which tips the bus sideways rather then just lowering the front. This is because Swiss buses allow entry at any of the several doors. There is little or no on-bus ticketing.

116 sets off for Waldfriedhof. The additional set of wires is the beginning of the short turn loop.

The interior of 112 seen from the articulated rear section of the bus. We travelled the whole system (!) in this vehicle.

Gerry Cork - October 2003
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