Swiss Trolleybuses - St Gallen

(All photos taken in April 2003)

St Gallen has a bus and trolleybus interchange right outside the main railway station - here No.107 picks up on route 1 to Wolfganghof. This is one of the older buses on the system.

There are diesel buses of the same design and bus 252 passes 107 - a lucky chance to show the two together. The tramlines in the road are used by the orange Trogenerbahn cars.

165 is in the advert livery - a bit pale in comparison to the fleet livery of red, white and black. Here it heads towards the station on route 3.

On our second visit to the system there was a problem with one of the frogs which mean buses on the 3 and 5 had to disconnect from the overhead and pull into the bus station under auxiliary diesel power. Here is 156 doing just that. The red marker on the overhead is visiible above the bus.

The driver of 152 puts his poles back on the overhead ready to continue his journey.

160 climbs the hill up from the Marktplatz with a motor bus on the 7 in hot pursuit. The separate bus and tram lane is clearly marked.

Gerry Cork - October 2003
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