Swiss Tram Systems - Trogenerbahn (St. Gallen)

(Photos taken in April 2003)

The Trogenerbahn is a metre gauge roadside line which runs from St Gallen to Trogen, to the east. It is operated by a fleet of two car units in a bright and cheerful orange livery. There is also a single unit car.

The system voltage is 1000V DC and the depot is at Speicher.

The line starts from a separate station outside the mainline station where a single unit car is seen with one of the double units in the background. It is one of 3 built by SWP/MFO in 1952, possibly numbered 11, although as it carried this blue advertising livery, no fleetnumber was actually visible.

Another view of the same car.

The twin units consist of a motor car with a trailer. All have the trailer on the St Gallen end of the set. They date from 1975 and were built by FFA/BBC. Unit 25 is stabled at St Gallen awaiting its next turn.

The line then has a length of street running through the bus station ......

...... before running parallel to the main line along the road shared with the town's buses and trolleybuses.

The line has the appearence of a street tram system as it passes Marktplatz after which it moves to the side of the road for the rest of its journey to Trogen.

The depot is at Speicher and by the time we arrived car 25 was stabled and there was rather a lot of weather!

Trogen itself is a picturesque village where car 25 approaches the terminus on a journey from St Gallen.

A little later, 25 left on a short working to Speicher.

Car 25 yet again at the Trogen terminus.

24 at the same location. The sidings in the foreground seemed to be little used.

Car 24 awaits departure for St Gallen.

The line is now (early 2005) in the process of partially re-equipping with modern low-floor double articulated units, 2 of which are replacing the 50 year old single units.

Gerry Cork - April 2004
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