Swiss Trolleybuses - Winterthur

(All photos taken in April 2003)

The fleet of trolleybuses at Winterthur was probably the most impressive - don't ask me why I got this impression - it just seemed to be the busiest and best presented of the systems we saw this year (2003). One of the older vehicles in the fleet, 124, approaches the bus station - again, as with manyother Swiss cities, right outside the station for easy interchange. For some reason the destination of "Toss" caused some hilarity among my english friends when I showed this shot!

Similar bus 126 in the bus station travelling in the opposite direction on the 1.

131 is of the same type - all Winterthur's trolleys are articulated. Awaiting departure on service 6.

The other type of vehilce on the system is represented here by 142 which as far as I can tell from my non-existent German is on training duties. Certainly there were several "inspectors" on board.

147 on its way to Toss.

There were roadworks in progress outside the railway station but did this stop the trolleybuses - not of course it didn't! 145 moves almost to full stretch of its booms as it negotiates the obstruction.

Trolleybuses inflexible?! Whatever gives you that idea.

146 creeps into the frame as it gives way to advert liveried 144 in the bus station.

144 duly departs on the 2 to Wulflingen.

Finally - a view of the net of specialwork on the approach to the bus station.

Gerry Cork - October 2003
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