Swiss Trolleybuses - Zurich

(All photos taken in April 2003)

The trolleybus system in Zurich very much plays second fidddle to the trams but there are a number of routes operated by these smart blue and white buses - all of the same type and all articulated of course. 27 is seen here at the Milchbuck terminus of the 72.

On leaving the stop, trolleybuses on the 72 pulled straight across the road in order to turn right. The same design of bodywork is seen on 579, doing a 69.

The final day of our holiday in Switzerland turned out not to be the best weather-wise - but as it was our last opportunity for a few trolleybus photos we had to put up with it. 128 arrives at the Tiefenbrunnen terminus of the 33 where interchange is made with tram routes 2 and 4. In the background, through the mist and rain is Zurichsee (Lake Zurich).

132 arrives with the blind already turned for the return journey to Morgental - we had hoped for more gentle (ouch!) weather on our last day but it was not to be.

And it got worse. 135 sets off across the tramlines with the other side of the lake just visible.

Gerry Cork - October 2003
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